Meet the Team


Crystal Chavez Victor


Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out our page! I am Crystal, owner and photographer for Frog Prince Photography. 

I am a mom to two beautiful boys here on Earth and three angel babies in Heaven. I am married to my wonderful husband Paul, who is my partner in everything, including Frog Prince!

I have always loved working with children and graduated from Abilene Christian University with my Bachelors in Elementary Education. That same love for children has since carried over in my love of photographing children. 

I enjoy being creative, capturing memories that are gone all too quickly, documenting life as it happens, and presenting you with precious moments captured for years to come. I would absolutely love to get to know YOU!


Paul Victor 

Assistant / Goofy Distractor 

Paul is one of the most extroverted people you will ever meet. He compliments my introvertedness so well and will instantly become your friend. He has no problem dancing to the Hotdog Dance in order to bring a smile to your little one's face. 

Originally from Ft Worth, Texas, Paul followed me to San Antonio in 2010 and has been here ever since. When he's not out being my assistant, he's crunching numbers as a data analyst for a major oil company.